Thursday, November 17, 2011

Prematurity Awareness Day

12 million babies worldwide were born too soon this year, one million of whom didn't survive. November 17th in National Prematurity Awareness Day. If you've never done so, why not take a minute and learn a little about premature birth and what the March of Dimes is doing to help?

Because of the research they've supported, through donations by people just like you, babies born too soon are given a fighting chance for survival. Because people took the time to read, learn and donate to organizations like the March of Dimes, children like Lola and Jackson survive and thrive despite coming into the world long before their little bodies are ready. Because people care, people just like you, my tiny little preemies

have been able to grow into strong happy preschoolers.

I am so grateful for the March of Dimes for raising awareness of premature birth as well as money to help in the fight against it. I'm grateful for the researches dedicated to finding out causes and working out solutions. I am grateful to the doctors and nurses who spend their careers, their lives, working with mothers and babies affected by premature birth. And I am grateful for all the people who donate their time and money to help in the fight. Thank you all!

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