Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What a difference a year makes

It's been almost a year since I had Molly. Unbelievable.

I try and imagine what our life would be like if we hadn't had her.

Aaron and I wouldn't have bought this new house.We probably would have still looked for a bigger house than we had, but we wouldn't have ended up here. We would have dragged our feet, looking and waiting for the "perfect" house to come along. And this house was taken off the market days before we put in our offer, so if we would have been dragging we certainly wouldn't be here. In this house which I love. With neighbors whom we love. In a neighborhood which we love. Where I hope to be for the next 30 years.

I certainly wouldn't be driving a minivan. I assume I'd still be driving my Accord, since I loved it and there was absolutely nothing wrong with it except it didn't fit 3 car seats. Maybe I would have convinced Aaron that I needed a small little crossover like the CRV I wanted. Those don't fit 3 car seats either. Unlike our house, I don't hope to be driving this minivan for the next 30 years. Nice as it is...

I would be doing something during the weekday mornings other than what I'm doing now, although I have no idea what that something would have been. Maybe grocery shopping and housework without the "help" of an increasingly on-the-move toddler. Maybe...

It's hard to image what life would be like without my ever present little side kick. She goes almost everywhere with me. Unlike the twins when they were 11 1/2 months, I can just swing her on to my hip and go about my day, running errands for Aaron, the kids, the baby, me.

So if I hadn't had Molly our family would be living who knows where, I'd be driving who knows what, and I would be spending my mornings working, cleaning and running errands sidekick-less.

It's been a whole year since we added Molly to the family. 21 months since I found out I was pregnant. And even though it really isn't all that long, I can't at all imagine life without her.

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  1. What a great sentiment. I agree. Live without Molly would be very different for all of you. Yea! Molly. Thanks, Oma