Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Lola (quiet whisper): Jack, go back in your room! Mom said you have to stay in your room!

Jackson (regular voice, not quiet): I know, but I'm being really quiet so she can't hear me.

Lola: (louder whisper): Jack! Go in your room! Now!

Jackson (louder regular voice): But I need to show you how I look when I'm Darth Vader.

Mom chuckles on stairs

Lola (quiet whisper): What was that sound?

Jackson (very loud whisper): I think it was General Greivous! (Star Wars Villain)

Mom laughs loudly on stairs
Jackson runs into room
Mom waits...

Jackson (very loud whisper): Lola! I think that was mom! I don't think she heard us!

Lola: (regular voice): Good, them come in here and play Princess Star Wars.

Love. them. so. much :)